Frequently asked questions:

  1. Which curriculum do I need to order to get started?

Go to Clubs and at the beginning of each club’s page, there will be instructions on what you need to order as well as a description of the curriculum and free download lesson samples. Also see “How to Begin.”

       2.  What are the Club Divisions?

Little Sweethearts (kindergarten and below, ages 3-5)

Bluebelles (grades 1-3, ages 6-8)

Joy Belles (grades 4-6, ages 9-12)

YLM or Teen Girls Ministries (grades 7-12, ages 13-18)

        3.  What are merit studies?

Merit Studies were originally created for girls to use independently to earn badges at their own pace. A badge is provided for each study so this is still especially good for those highly motivated students. However, in recent years it has been suggested that merit studies could be used in a variety of situations including groups who cannot meet on a weekly basis but would like to participate in a group study that is less expensive and more flexible. These studies are designed as individual student booklets and do not include teacher instructions with object lessons and creative tools like the core curriculum.

*For a group who chooses to work on a study as a group and meets weekly to work on merit studies, 4-6 weeks is suggested for the study, according to how much the instructor/mentor wishes to add into the study with object lessons/activities…etc

 The merit studies are in addition to the achievement curriculum and come with a badge. For example, you may order the Merit Study on “Health” for your students. Once completed, the girls will receive their Health Badges.  Merit Studies are included in the mentor’s guides for both “BB Girl: Fashioned by God” and “Joy Belles Faith Journey” curricula. There are suggested places to use the merit studies in the curriculum and the teacher is able to review the studies. Merit Studies will need to be ordered per student.  Once the student completes the study, the mentor will award her with the badge to be placed on a backpack or sash.

         4.  What do I need to order if I have a mixed age group of girls?

Many churches find themselves in this situation. If the majority of your girls fall into the 6-10 year old range with maybe one or two older ones, it may be best to use the Bluebelles curriculum (for grades 1-3). If the majority of girls are in the older age group, you may be able to use the Joy Belles curriculum. Please note girls must be able to fully read and write in order to benefit from the Joy Belles curriculum which is developed for 4th-6th graders. Sample lessons are provided for free download on each club’s page for your review. If the age range is too diverse or you don’t have enough children to merit separating them or you lack teachers, you may need to find a more inclusive program (such as share faith.com or awana.org).  When your number of students grow and you’re able to separate the boys from the girls and/or gain teachers needed for each group, then you can look at starting the Girls Clubs curriculum and Royal Rangers.

          5.  Do I need to do every activity/game/craft, etc. in the lesson?

No. The curriculum is a tool for you to use. The most important aspect is to teach the girls the main thing which is the lesson. Everything else is subject to your discretion. Some churches have one and a half hours where others may only have 45 minutes. Use what works best for you and your allotted time.

           6.  Why are there only 36 lessons per year in Bluebelles and Joy Belles?

Because the curricula allows for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and other special church events when you may be taking a “break” from regular class. Also, class time will need to be factored in for completing Merit Studies (see #3 above) in both BB Girl and Joy Belles curriculum. These are additional studies to the 36 lessons.

           7.  Is there a Girls Clubs uniform?

Not a formal one, although you can be as formal or informal as you wish.  Most churches design their own T-shirts, using their church name and purchase iron-on club transfers (available from Pathwaybookstore.com or calling 1-800-553-8506). Girls can wear jeans with the T-shirts. You may also want to incorporate sashes (for badges).

            8.  How do I display the girls’ badges?

There is a sash pattern available and book bags for Little Sweethearts, Bluebelles, and Joy Belles (Pathway Press). For sashes, it is recommended to use a cotton blend material. Do not use anything with spandex or polyester because the fabric will not hold its shape due to continuous use (girls putting them on and taking them off). Badges will need to be sewn on. Book bags are another great option.

            9.  Do we have to be chartered before we can start Girls Clubs?

No, you do not have to be chartered to begin. However, it would be good to charter as soon as you can. Chartering is offered for free online. Go to Resources, Chartering. One of the benefits of chartering your club is that you become an official member of International Girls Ministries in the Church of God.  A charter certificate will be sent to your State/Regional Girls Ministries Coordinator so she can sign and record the information. She will send it to you for your pastor’s signature. You can frame and display your charter certificate in the classroom. Membership cards (also free) can also be requested and given to each girl (on the charter request form).

Another benefit is many State/Regional Coordinators give incentives for Club Awards at State/Regional girls’ events if the club is chartered.

             10.  Does my church have to belong to the Church of God or do I have to be a member in order to be chartered with Girls Clubs?

No, your church does not have to belong to the Church of God denomination nor do you have to be a member in order to become a chartered club. We welcome anyone who wishes to use our Bible-based curricula to join Girls Clubs.

              11.  Do I have to be certified (Mentor Enrichment Training Course) in order to teach?

No, you do not have to be certified but we recommend you order the Mentor Enrichment Training Course for your Girls Clubs mentors. The course includes the Church of God Statement of Faith and other facts, Prayer Mother Ministry, Age Level Characteristics, Ministry to abused girls, resources and more. The course is self-study at your own pace but can also be done as a group study. It is recommended you finish the study within two months (if a self-study). Many State/Regional Girls Ministries Coordinators also give incentives for Club Awards to those who have certified mentors. Notebooks are $20 each and can be ordered from Pathway Press.

               12.  Our teen girls are in youth group. Is there something else besides curriculum they may benefit from?

Yes. We offer the Teen Girls Book Club (listed under Clubs) that provides an online Bible study portal. Books are listed and may be ordered from Pathway Press. Each book comes with a passcode (protected site) which allows girls access to the chapter discussion questions which she will journal. At the end of the study, a project proposal is offered. Girls may select a project and when finished, submit a description of their project and upload images on the form provided. This will be posted on a community board to share.

                13.  How can our church incorporate girls clubs if classes are co-ed (due to not enough teachers to separate by gender)?

You could try holding once-a-month Saturday mentoring groups in order to teach girls apart from the boys.

                14.  Do you have to begin with all four clubs or can you start with one or two?

You do not have to start with all four clubs. You can begin with one club and add others as you gain more girls in their club age division.

                15.  On the charter request form, what is the Church file number?

The file number is the one your church was issued when it registered with the Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee. Your church clerk or pastor would have this information.


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