Grades 1-3)

Scripture:  “Love One Another.” John 13:34 NKJV

Pledge:  As a Bluebelle, I will try to do my best for Jesus at all times. I will let His love shine through me to others.

Motto:  Ringing Out God’s Love

Flower:  Bluebell

                                     Colors:  Orange, Blue, White


New BB Girl: Fashioned by God. Get your sneak preview and download the first unit of Year One: Patterned by Love. Unit One, The Designer’s Studio is about creation. There are four lessons that will supply you for four class meetings absolutely FREE!  The Mentor Upfront includes how to use the curriculum as well as other helpful resources for the teacher. Mentor Unit One contains the four lessons and Student Unit One contains the student’s activity pages that correspond with the lessons. Year One: Patterned by Love is now available through Pathway Press online store.

What do I need to get started?   You will need a Mentor Guide, BB Girl: Patterned by Love Year One ($20.00) and student books, BB Girl: Patterned by Love Year One  (one kit per child for $20 or you may order books by the Section for $6.99). You have the option to order sticker sheets (1 sheet for $3.00 accommodates 2 students) that correspond to completed units on the last page of the student books OR you may order section/”unit” badges $10 for the set .  You do not need the Yearly Badge to get started, but you will want to award your students this badge upon completion of Year One.

BlueBelles01 STUDENT COVER1a

Student Kit (all 3 books) Item Number 124590              Price: $20.00

Each  Student Section contains 12 lessons:

Section One: Bible      Item Number 124560                     Price: $6.99                   

Section Two: Jesus    Item Number 124570                      Price: $6.99

Section Three: Others  Item Number 124580                   Price: $6.99




Mentor Guide: BB Girl Year One Patterned by Love   Item Number 1245600 (year)   Price $20.00     Note: Binder is not included. Curriculum comes 3-hole punched, shrink wrapped.

Sectional/Unit Badge Set for BB Girl:  Patterned by Love Year One Item Number 1245600BSET   Price $10.00


Avery Dennison Template

Sticker Set for BB Girl:  Patterned by Love Year One 

Item Number 1245601SSK     Price $3.00 (accommodates 2 students)








Yearly Completion Badge BB Girl: Patterned by Love Year One                                                     

Item Number 1245601B          Price $3.50


Mentor Upfront
Mentor Unit One
Student Unit One   (full color)

Graphics Package for BB Girl Year One

Mentor Resources for BB Year One

Graphics Package for BB Year Two

Mentor Resources for BB Year Two

Graphics Package for BB Year Three

Mentor Resources for BB Year Three

Lesson topics for all three years

BB Girl 3 Year Flyer

BB Badge Display (Sash and Book Bag)

Former Curriculum:

Bible Investigations

What do I need to get started?  NOTE: This is the former Bluebelles curriculum. The new curriculum is BB Girl: Fashioned by God as seen above. You will need to purchase a Director’s (teacher’s) Manual for Bible Investigations Years 1-3.  50% Sale on Year One curriculum (does not include badges).  Depending on your class size, options are available. A Counselor’s kit (one teacher book, one student book & set of badges) is available for $30 or the Director’s Manual can be purchased separately ($14). For the students, the student production journal and badges may be purchased individually for $18 or as a student kit (4 student books and 4 sets of badges) for $57.00. You may charter your club for free and receive membership cards–go to the Resources tab, Chartering. This is what you need to begin.

In addition to the curriculum, Merit Studies are individual studies that can be incorporated as the teacher desires. Students can earn merit badges by completing the merit studies. To order material, please visit our online store or call Pathway Press 1-800-553-8506.

Director’s Manual        $14.00 per year
Student Production
Journal and badges       $18.00 per year
Kits also available—please visit our online store.

Lesson Samples
How to Use Curriculum
Director’s Manual Assignment One
Student Production Journal Assignment One
*actual lessons come in black/white
Badge Display

Curriculum Design
Get your microphone, video recorder and Bible ready! You’re going to use your investigative skills with the Bluebelles Television Production Team. You will meet 12 important women of the Bible in Studio B. Through Bible Investigations, Bluebelles will discover their importance to God and learn many essential lessons that will help prepare them to meet the challenges of life.

New Bluebelles will memorize the tenets in order to receive their official press pass and become investigators. Four assignment badges may be earned during the first year by completing lessons. Bluebelles Investigators will advance in rank after they have completed the first year’s work by receiving their reporter press pass as they begin year two of their curriculum. Four additional badges may be earned during the second year. After completing year two, the anchor press pass will be awarded to all Bluebelles who begin the third year of curriculum. An additional four badges may be earned during the third year.

Your Bluebelles will enjoy charting their assignments in Girls Clubs with their very own Bluebelles Production Journal. Each manual contains four units with enough material to keep your Bluebelles busy for one complete year. The director’s manual has many exciting features and is designed to be as teacher friendly as possible. Unit overviews are included to aid in long-range planning as well as detailed weekly lesson plans for the counselor on the go. When ordering, the Student Kit contains production journals (student manuals), press passes and badges for four girls to use over a complete year. Also, there are additional savings when you order two or more kits. The Counselor’s Kit includes the director’s manual, and the manual, press pass and badges for one student.

Merit Studies ($7.00 includes badge)

Pets                Bearing Fabulous Fruit         Visual Arts
Manners       God’s Word                             *Fitness Fun
Safety            Attributes of Jesus                  Community Caregivers
Prayer           Princess Warriors                    Daughters of the King (**series of three studies)
Music            Gathering Stones

*Badge sold separately.
**Daughters of the King series includes: The Wish Your Heart Makes, More to This Life, When Love Awakens You, both leader and student books.

Merit Studies are also available for the Bluebelles group and can be ordered by clicking on the shopping basket (online shopping) on the home page or by calling Pathway Press 1-800-553-8506.

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