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Girl Talk with Lori Summer 2014

Bring on the Change! Change means to make something different, to transform. Change can be positive or negative depending on your perspective but one thing is certain: change is going to continue to occur! How does this effect us as teachers? I think we have to be aware of the changes around us in society, […]

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Mentor Profile

  Who:  Valerie Amburgey Where:  New Covenant Church of God, Louisville, Kentucky[...]

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It was the fall of 1992.  I had recently become engaged at the General Assembly in New Orleans and [...]

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Good Change

Change is a frightening word to most of us.  We don’t relish it and often are afraid of it.  We [...]

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Commendable Clubs Summer 2014

Kentucky 2014 Girls Blast Karnival Kaleidescope: “Designed to SHINE and REFLECT”[...]

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Summer 2014 Crafts, Recipes and Fun Ideas

The following ideas are Pinterest picks.  Links to the actual sites are listed after each item. We[...]

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