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METC Graduates (November-January)

  Graduates                                 Guilda Elinor-Joachin        Maryann Gowdy                    Rebecca Malcolm                      VionaRolle                                   Tina Steedley                          Barbara Sullivan Church                               Remsen Avenue Church of God Cathedral Church of God Hurricane Church of God Hickory Avenue Church of God Ripley Church of God Hurricane Church of God State           NY   FL/C GA/N   FL/C   TN  GA/N  

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What Girls Clubs Means to Me: Two Girls’ Testimonies from New York

I have been a part of Bronxwood’s Girls Club Ministry since I was five years of age. Being a part [...]

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By His Stripes We Are Healed

As I reflect on this time of year, it reminds me of the price that Jesus paid over 2000 years ago. [...]

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Mentor Profile Spring 2015

Who:  Angela McIntosh Where: Man O War Church of God, Lexington, KY Present Focus of Ministry: Joyb[...]

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Spring 2015 Crafts, Recipes and Fun Ideas

These are our Pinterest picks for the Spring season. Links are provided–Enjoy![...]

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Girl Talk with Lori Spring 2015

I saw a post that said spring is coming in a few weeks. It made me envision flowers blooming, trees [...]

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